AutoLumo A1000

AutoLumo A1000 is a fully automated chemiluminescence Immunoassay analyzer based on CLIA Microparticles platform, which is designed for both quantitative and qualitative detection of biomarkers related to various diseases and dysfunctions.



-A complete variety of test menu

-Fast, high throughput detection

-Reduce cost, increase efficiency

-Stable and accurate test results

-Powerful software management of info/result/consumble

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Throughput: up to 100T/H.
Time to 1st result: approximate 20mins.

Sample dilution factor: usually ≤50
Liquid level detection and clot detection
Anti-collision & warning for air suction
and blocking supported

Sample Loading Module
Loading capacity of 100 samples per batch (5 samples per rack)
Continuous loading and offloading supported
Independent STAT Position available
Random access

Substrate vial volume: 100 ml per bottle
Temperature: 42℃ ± 0.5℃, constant heating
Substrate pipetting CV: < 2% at 50μl

Fixed Pipette Probe Module
Precise syringe system ensures the low carryover
Intelligent liquid level and clot detection system
Teflon pipette without disposal tips
Vertical and horizontal collision protection
Sampling volume: 5-150 μl
On board sample dilution : 1 : 100


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