About Us

Who We Are

Founded in the year 2007 and incorporated on 7th September 2012 as a Limited Liability Company,
MEDIX EAST AFRICA LIMITED has systematically grown from a small intimate company to an
establishment with a vast portfolio of suppliers and partners.
In the past few years, we have further broadened our scope of activities by introducing more diverse
product lines.
We are constantly expanding our portfolio by engaging global reputable manufacturers as part of our
growth strategy.
We are a household brand from government and public institutions, across the board to private, nonGovernmental and faith-based organizations.
We pride ourselves as the sole providers of RELIABLE, AFFORDABLE and QUALITY solutions to
the regional healthcare industry; and this is evidenced by our strong clientele base.

A Few Words About

Our Team

The company has a team of qualified staff across the divide ready to meet your needs. We boast of a capable and diverse team  who contribute to the smooth day to day operations of Medix East Africa Limited

Nairobi Region

Terry Mukami Tel: 0743300664

Coast Region

Remy Muthomi Tel: 0743944992

Rift Valley Region

Emmanuel Okworo Tel: 0708762008

Western Region

Amos Wekesa Tel: 0708637799

Central Region

Fridah Oyaro Tel: 0113894809

Nyanza Region

Marion Munga Tel: 0746377295

MT. Kenya Region

Peter maina Tel: 0710169021

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