AutoLumo A2000 Plus

AutoLumo A2000 Plus is the Fully Automatic Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer provided by Autobio.  It combines sophisticated technology and high performance, AutoLumo A2000 Plus is valued by its flexibility and quality.

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Throughput: up to 200T/H.
Time to 1st result: approximate 20 mins.
RV loader capacity: 1000 pcs.
Sample loading capacity: 100.
Sample pipette volume: 5-150ul.
STAT available.
Sample dilution factor: 10-100.
Liquid level detection and clot detection.
Onboard reagent capacity: 24 racks.
Onboard reagent storage: 4-10℃.
Real-time replacement of reagent (by appointment).
Reagent residue calculation: by the rest number left.
Substrate: Substrate A+B.
Substrate volume: 100ml for each.
Substrate pipetting volume: 50ul fixed, CV<2%.
Substrate switching: 2 sets of substrates available on board by automatic switch.
Carry-over: <1ppm.
Incubation temperature:37℃±0.5.
Reaction mode: 1 step and 2 steps.
Size (W*D*H, mm): 1374*950*1200.
Weight: approximate 390kg.
Power supply: AC 100-230V, 50/60Hz,800VA.
Working temperature: 18-30℃.
LIS communication: based on RS232 port.


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