Portable Automatic MultiFunction Analyzer Icare-2100

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Features: 16*Cartridges, 37*Indicators, including coagulations, specific proteins, biochemicals, etc. (More available indicators are coming soon!) Accurate: Liquid phase reaction system Fast: Instant detection is designed for ‘individual’ Easy-to-use: No need for professional operation, calibration and maintenance Economic: Reduce test cost without additional consumables Advanced: Cascade up to 3 instruments, intelligent data upload and management Convenient: Pre-filled reagent card, the project covers basic biochemical and coagulation indicators
Test Package Detection Indicator
Inflammation FR-CRP
Inflammation II FR-CRP, SAA
Liver Function ALT, AST, T-Bil, ALB
Liver Function II D-Bil, TP, ALP, GGT
Blood Lipid TC, TG, HDL-C, LDL-C
Renal Function Urea, Crea, UA
Renal Function II Β2-MG, Cys-C
Chronic disease screening  Glu, HCY, UA, LDL-C
Coagulation PT, APTT, TT, FIB, INR
Prothrombin time/INR    PT, INR
Myocardial Enzyme CK, CK-MB, LDH, α-HBDH
Diabetes Mellitus Glu, GA
Diabetes Mellitus II 1,5-AG
Glycosylated Hemoglobin HbA1c
ACR mAlb, Ucr, mAlb/Ucr
Digestive System Screening TBA, CHE, α-AMY
Performance Parameter:
Language Chinses/English
Dimension 308.6mm*445.0mm*293.0mm
Net Weight < 15 kg
Display Mode 9.7 inch touch screen
Noise ≤ 65 decibel
Service Life 5 years
Data Storage 80000 test results, 10000 QC results
Data Transmission WiFi, RS232, RJ45, USB


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